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Zach Dickey

Pendleton, IN
Club Team
Atlanta Sting
March 24, 1999
World Cup experience

College: Studying Public Administration at Auburn University

Years Playing: Since 2004

Career Highlights:

U18 World Cup Champion in 2013

Premier Cup Champion in 2018


Zach has been around power soccer his whole life. First as a fan watching his older siblings play and then he finally got his chance to play 10 years ago. Zach is studying Public Administration at Auburn University and is planning to use his degree to work for a nonprofit that will work to spread the sport and give others the opportunity to play the beautiful game. Zach is excited to have the opportunity to carry on the winning legacy of the Dickey family and of Team USA.

"I remember sitting in the gym in Paris, France, watching my brother and sister win a World Cup in 2011 and telling myself that one day I would compete with Team USA. I hope to be able to fill the shoes of Katie, Jordan, and the other legends that have represented the United States on the world stage."


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