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Natalie Russo

Carmel, IN
Club Team
Circle City Rollers
February 27, 1989
World Cup experience

College: Ball State University ‘11, B.A. in Journalism

Occupation: Owns and runs a web design business

Years Playing: Since 2003

Career Highlights:

2007 World Cup Champion

2017 World Cup Silver Medal

4-time National Champion

2019 Americas Cup Champion

2014 COPA Americas Champion

Golden Guard FIPFA: 2014 (COPA)

Golden Guard USPSA: 2017


Natalie has played power soccer for more than 15 years. After initially being forced by her parents to play because she wanted nothing to do with the sport, she immediately realized how great power soccer was and never looked back. Born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Natalie's always lived life from a power chair. It wasn't until the introduction of power soccer that she found a true way to release her competitive spirit. She's been extremely fortunate to travel to Japan, Brazil, and Australia for international tournaments and also helped train athletes in Argentina. Each Team USA experience taught her something different about leadership, taking risks, self-confidence, and perseverance. Natalie has a BA in Journalism and owns and runs a web design business.

“I am thrilled to be apart of 2021 Team USA that will be bringing the cup back to the US.”


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