Team USA 2017 Selected!

October 27, 2014
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The journey to the FIFPA World Cup has begun. Two weeks ago, 20 players from all over the US went to Indianapolis to tryout for the FIPFA World Cup Team. It was 3 days of intense evaluation and drills from 9am to 9pm. Players skills were put to the test as they competed to make the next team. All who participated left the weekend knowing more than when they arrived and everyone took something away with them to improve their game.                                                        

Coach Hayes had this to say: "After three long days of selection camp in Greenwood, Indiana. with an outstanding group of 20 athletes, the 12 athletes that will be representing the USA in the next World Cup have been selected. Although this step is over, the journey has just begun for these athletes. Over the next year these players will have weekly drills to help sharpen their skills along with 5 or 6 training camps. During this journey these players will learn and execute a new version of how the USA will play Power Soccer in the World Cup and beyond. I am honored to be leading this group, but without my outstanding coaching staff, none of this would be possible. We all are looking forward to representing the USPSA with Honor, Sportsmanship and Dignity while bringing home our third consecutive World Cup Title."

Congratulations to the following 12 athletes:

Michael Archer
Pete Winslow
Katie Dickey
Peyton Sefick
Ben Carpenter
Riley Johnson

Tyler Hernandez
Jordan Dickey
Natalie Russo
Case Calvert
Andrew Cunningham
Nathan Mayer

Go Team USA!